Cleaning and Interior Design – Tips You Should Know

Interior design is something everyone who ever owns a house is going to get into at some point.

But, it can be a bit of a mystery for people to wrap their head around.

If you’re new to owning a house or having to worry about your own living space being presentable, you might not know where to start.

No one can blame you either.

There are people who’ve been decorating homes their entire life who still take a moment to pause before making a purchase or starting a project.

Don’t fret, though. We’ve thrown together some basic tips you should consider if you’re just getting started.

Taking heed of these ideas can set you on the path to having a seriously great looking living space in next to no time.

Tip 1 – Keep Clutter In Mind

This is one of the first tips we would give to literally anyone considering sprucing up a living space.

Clutter can be so easy to accumulate, so difficult to part with and absolutely disastrous when it comes to crafting the right mood or atmosphere in a room.

As you decorate, it’s going to be really tempting to stock up on nice, pretty looking items.

We’d advise to exercise a little bit of restraint when browsing around. Buying furniture, decorations and ornaments from a wide variety of places can go wrong quickly.

Minor differences in style become far more pronounced when you have 20 different items in a room.

Tip 2 – Keep It Clean


Odds are, if you’re worrying about decorating, you’ve probably got the cleaning thing down. But it’s worth reiterating.

There is absolutely no point in investing money or time in decorating an area if it’s not clean.

Cleanliness can be a make or break when it comes to certain aesthetics.

For example, if you’re opting for a rustic aesthetic, the slightest bit of mess can be the difference between a fancy hipster apartment and a crash pad for lazy students.

Tip 3 – Radiators, Skirting Boards & Other Permanent Pieces.

Any part of your house that’s permanent should be given an extra level of care. Your skirting boards can be ripped out and replaced, but that’s not something you should be doing every week.

Make sure they’re kept clean (they get dirty quickly because of their placement).

If they’re chipped or otherwise flaky you should seriously consider a fresh lick of paint, it makes a world of difference.

Your slimline radiators like these, are another thing that are bolted down and basically the same across every region of your house.

If they’re old, clash heavily with your new decor or otherwise just bad you might want to consider upgrading to a nice vertical style radiator which can make a world of difference in any case.

Tip 4 – Worry About Your Windows


These are where all of the natural light filters in from the outside world.

During the day, they’re the most highly illuminated part of your house.

Take some time to ensure that your windows are not only clean, but well decorated.

Roman style blinds can be a cheap and nice solution to ensuring any room looks great.

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