DIY Colored Pencil Necklace

Close up of necklace

Today, I have Mariëlle of Magical Daydream here to share this quirky and fun DIY with you!

First of all thank you, Erica, for hosting me on your lovely and creative blog. I am Mariëlle. I blog over at Magical Daydream and have a weak spot for DIY-projects too. So today I would love to show you how to make a rainbow-colored pencil necklace. I bet you still have some barely used brightly colored pencils somewhere stuffed in an old box back in some dusty cabinet just waiting to be used. So get them out quickly, because I bet they will look great around your neck!

How to Make a Colored Pencil Necklace

Materials needed: old pencils, elastic wire. Tools needed: saw, drill, and pencil sharpener.

Choose your colors

Find some old pencils in pretty colors. Personally I love anything rainbow-colored, so I went for: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Of course you can pick any color combination you like.

Broken pieces

Decide how long you want the pencils to be. Use a saw to cut off the rest of the pencil. It would probably be wise to take measurements and mark your pencils before you do. I didn’t do this thinking I could just sharpen them until they were the same size.

Although this is true, taking this extra step at this point would probably have saved me some time later on.

Drilling pencil

Drill holes in your pencils. Try to make the holes in equal length from the top of the pencil. If you have any pencils with text written on them, you can drill the holes on the side of the text. This way when the pencils are all lined up, the text will be invisible because it will be hidden on the side.

Colored pencil shavings

Sharpened pencils of all colors

After drilling the holes, sharpen your pencils. You can make them exactly the same length, or make a gradual difference. In my case the ones to the sides are slightly shorter while the middle ones are the longest. Making them slightly longer than I did will probably make it easier to sharpen them though.

Pencils on string

When you are content with the length of the pencils, string them to your wire. I used some transparent elastic nylon wire to not distract too much from the colorful pencils. It also makes it easy to put the necklace over your head directly. You can pick any type of wire though.

And tadaa! Your awesome and trendy yet somewhat nostalgic necklace is finished 🙂

Be sure to check out Mariëlle’s blog, Magical Daydream, for lots more quirky and whimsical projects! This colorful photoshoot is a lot of fun, and take a look at this funky sculpture she made out of lighters, cards and buttons. This girl has a serious creative side!

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