DIY Conversation Hangers

I love opening my coat closet and being greeted by these cheery little hangers. They are a simple project that can have a big impact and would be an especially thoughtful housewarming gift.

Wanna make your own?


Stuff you’ll need:

Wooden hangers.

Alphabet stencil. (The letters need to be small enough to fit in the width of your hanger.)


Stencil paint.

Stencil brush.



1. Create phrases for your hangers. What could a hanger say to brighten your day as you hang up your coat? Here’s a few things I came up with:

Just a couple other ideas:

– Take Off Your Coat And Stay Awhile

– Hang Around, Will Ya?

– No Place Like Home

– Home Sweet Home

– His & Hers hangers – one for each of you!

– Personalize a hanger with someone’s name.

– A beautiful keepsake hanger for a bridal gown personalized with monogrammed initials and the couple’s wedding date.

2. Now that you’ve got your phrases, trace them onto the hangers in pencil to be sure the layout is how you like it.

3. Stencil time! Line up the stencil along your penciled in outline and dab on the paint. You only need a little bit of paint on the brush at a time and it is easiest to use a dabbing motion rather than brushstrokes to paint on the letters. Be careful not to smudge the paint before it dries.

4. Once the paint is dry, move the hangers outside and give them a good coat of the sealant. The spray sealant has an awful smell so I left the hangers outside for a while to allow the fumes to dissipate before bringing them inside.

So there you have it, your own conversation hangers, and what girl wouldn’t want to have a conversation with her closet?

Of course, if you’d like your neighbors to give you odd looks, you could hang them in a tree. (Works every time.)

If you do this project, please share! What clever things are your hangers saying?

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