DIY: Neon/Neutral Triple Cluster Pearl Bracelet

Being a DIY kinda girl, it’s a bit surprising that I haven’t really dabbled in jewery making before. (*Gasp*,*shock*, *horror*… I know… lol!)

I figured it was about time for that to change. Luckily, my sister, Rene (who I first introduced to you in this post), is a jewelry making pro and was able to help me out with the design and creation of these bauble beauties.

Wanna make your own?


Stuff you’ll need:

You’ll also need wire cutters (not shown above).

Looking for the perfect beads? Here are neon and pearl versions. Of course, feel free to branch out and try any color bead you’d like to.

Note: Make sure the gauge of the wire you use will fit through the hole in your bead.


Here’s how to make the single bead that hangs down in the cluster. Make a total of six with this pattern:

1. Thread the bead on 4 inches of wire.

2. Crisscross the wire ends over the bead.

3. Bend one of the ends up 90 degrees using the needle nose pliers.

4. Wrap the other end of the wire around the base of the wire is bent up. (Wrap around 4 times.)

5. Use the wire clippers to trim off the extra wire that was sticking out in Step 4.

6. Use the needle nose pliers to bend the remaining wire back 90 degrees. The wire should now run perpendicular to the hole in the bead.

7. Use the round nose pliers to create a loop at the top. (This tutorial is helpful if you need a step-by-step how to for creating a wrapped loop.)

8. Wrap the remaining wire around the base of the loop 4 times. Finally, snip off the excess wire that is sticking out from the bead with the wire cutters. Your bead should now look like the finished bead at the top of this section. Make a total of six using this pattern.

Now, we will make the triple clusters that make up the bracelet.

1. On four inches of wire create a wrapped loop at one end. (This tutorial can help walk you through creating a wrapped loop.)

2. Thread on a bead, the bead you made with the single bead pattern in Part 1 and then another bead. See the cluster forming?

3. Using the needle nose pliers bend the wire 90 degrees. Be sure to leave a little space between the bead and the wire as you’ll need room to wrap the wire later.

4. Create a loop at the end of the wire, but don’t wrap the wire at the base yet.

5. Attach the tri-cluster to another tri-cluster by slipping it into the loop.

6. Wrap the wire around the base of the loop and trim the excess wire.

7. Once all the triple clusters are completed and connected, attach a split ring to each end and add a clasp.

That’s it. Now you have some lovely baubles to wear proudly on your arm.

Which to do prefer? I really like how the ladylike pearls look next to the surprising bolt of neon color. It’s a little bit lady and a whole lot of fun!

P.S. I’m planning some posts to show you how I’ve styled these beauties. Stay tuned!

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