Granny Square Christmas Tree Skirt

I know it’s a tad late (or early!) for a Christmas post, but I had to share my finished granny square tree skirt with you guys!

And, despite posting this a few days after Christmas, I did actually have it ready for the big day. I finished it up just in the nick of time on Christmas Eve. I was so excited when I weaved in the very last yarn end and placed this cheerful skirt under our tree. I was as giddy as a kid on the night before Christmas. 😉

Project Details:
Pattern: Granny Tree Skirt Crochet Pattern by Ann Regis for Red Heart
Yarn: A mix of random stuff from my stash. This project was a great stash buster!
Difficulty: Intermediate – It’s a pretty repetitive pattern, but this project is extremely time consuming and requires a good bit of construction.
Skills: Granny squares, seams, color work, weaving in plenty of ends
Time: OMG, this project took forever!! This is definitely my biggest project to date. It was totally worth the effort though, because I’m so pleased with how it turned out. And, you should have seen Santa’s face when he saw it as he slid down our chimney! Priceless. 😉

You might remember that I actually started this project over the summer…. let’s just say that it proved to be a bit more time consuming than I was expecting. It was definitely a labor of love, but totally worth the long hours. I’ll enjoy this one for years to come. Another bonus of working on a big project… it was so cozy to work on a something I could literally bury myself under!

I’m super excited for next Christmas, because I’ll be able to enjoy this tree skirt for the whole holiday season rather than just a few days. Although, I’m already planning on keeping my tree up for a few more weeks this year, so I can enjoy it’s colorful cheerfulness a little more. Am I the only one who keeps their tree up until the middle of January??

Next up, I’ve got some smaller projects on my hook for some more instant gratification! 😉 Stay tuned for some cozy hats and scarves.

P.S. More crochet projects here.

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