Why It’s Important to Perform Floor Slip Resistance Tests?

When you’re a businessman looking to open a new establishment or renovate your office, you will certainly have a lot on your plate.

With this, one important task you might overlook is hiring professionals to perform floor slip resistance tests on your floorings.

Floor slip resistance testing is done to check whether the floors on your establishment strictly follow the minimum standard requirement, ensuring everyone’s safety.

Moreover, this anti-slip test is also beneficial to residential properties, preventing any unwanted accidents, especially when you have children.

If you are still unconvinced about having someone test the slip resistance of your floors, continue reading.

Ensures The Safety of Everyone

The number one benefit of performing a floor slip resistance test is to ensure the daily safety of everyone.

Slips and falls are common accidents in an establishment, and ensuring that your floors have passed the slip resistance test assures you that they are safe to walk on.

Before opening your doors, it’s imperative to prioritize everyone’s safety, preventing any unfortunate situations that can lead to lawsuits.

Moreover, regularly checking your floors for their slip resistance is even more important to assess your floorings and determine any problems that can lead to detrimental slips in the future.

Maintains Floor Durability and Longevity

When you decide to hire professional services for your floors’ slip resistance test, you are also helping maintain their durability so that they can last longer.

As mentioned, slip resistance tests do not only check whether your floors are safe for walking and running on but also see to it that they’re in prime condition.

Regular slip resistance testing will monitor your floor conditions and help determine whether repairs or replacements should be done.

Additionally, anti-slip resistance tests serve as prevention measures, allowing you to always stay on your toes and prepare by attending to minimal floor problems that could become bigger.

Important When Fall Accidents Happen

Slip resistance testing is also important when falls or accidents happen on your business premises, and no one can identify who is at fault.

It’s best to hire professionals to test your floors and help find out whether the fall was caused by inappropriate flooring maintenance or accidental.

The test can also save you from lawsuits or cases that can be a hassle and could ruin the reputation of your business.

Generally, when a slip resistance test should be done due to accidents, it’s the responsibility of your insurer or defense lawyer to arrange the schedule and pay for the test.

A Part of Business’ Accident Prevention Efforts

Floor slip resistance tests should be part of a business’ accident prevention efforts.

While it’s a simple test often neglected by most businessmen, it should still be prioritized because accidents can affect someone’s life.

When you hire professionals for floor slip resistance testing, you don’t have to worry about falls because of your flooring.

You know that you have done your part in preventing unfortunate accidents that can negatively impact the victim’s life.

Moreover, slip resistance testing can prevent causing your employees from filing leaves because of tripping and affecting their ability to move properly.

When your employees take sick leaves, it’s also more likely that the deadlines and outputs tasked for them will be delayed, affecting your entire business.

Aside from that, floor slip resistance tests should be prioritized in areas with high traffic, preventing multiple trips and injuries that can affect people’s overall well-being.

Gives Idea on Floor Type and Suitability

Floor Type and Suitability

Aside from checking whether your floors pass the anti-slip testing, the resistance test can also help you determine the type of floor and whether they are suitable for your establishment.

With this, you learn about your floors, allowing you to find time to replace them once you discover that other types are more suitable for your business.

Knowing the floor type of your business also allows you to think outside the box and check whether there are better options that can elevate the look of your establishment.

At the same time, you could enhance its looks and improve its safety.

Ultimately, the floor slip resistance test is mainly about protecting you and your employees as well as making your establishments safer and look better.

Types of Floor Slip Resistance Test

Depending on the professionals you hire, various slip resistance tests are available to tend to your flooring needs.

Wet Pendulum Test

The Wet Pendulum Test is preferred when your establishment has floor surfaces frequently exposed to water.

This on-site test measures how slippery your floors get when they are wet.

Your floors will be sprayed with water before a wet pendulum apparatus strikes them using a rubber slider attached below a metal foot.

Dry Floor Friction Test

This friction test measures the amount of friction generated between a rubber slider and your floor surface when it is dry.

Generally, a dry floor friction test is best in undercover areas, including large buildings and shopping centers, where it’s less unlikely that your floor surfaces will get wet.

The instrument used in the floor friction test is the Tortus Floor Friction Tester.

This apparatus checks the sliding resistance of your floor surface by dragging a rubber slider across it.

You can determine how safe and slip-resistant your floors are during powder, dust, and other residue contamination through this test.

The test can also provide you with knowledge of the efficiency of your floor’s cleaning processes.

Your Floors Should Be A Priority

The floors of your establishment are important aspects that should be prioritized to prevent injuries that can affect the health and productivity of your employees.

Generally, the floor slip resistance test is an essential test that can help you determine how slippery your floor surfaces are to know what measures you should undertake.

Additionally, floor friction tests should only be done by professionals because they are trained and possess the right skills for accuracy and efficiency.





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