Six Machines That Will Streamline Your Home Improvement Projects


If you are looking to streamline your home improvement projects, there are a number of machines and tools you can use.

Here are six of the most useful that you should consider purchasing.

1. A Cold Saw

Having tools that easily cut through metal will help to streamline a lot of home improvement projects.

Options include bandsaws, jigsaws, and cold saws. The latter, which is a type of circular saw, comes particularly recommended.

The cold saw gets its name from the fact that it transfers heat back into the blade instead of the object the cold saw is cutting.

When the material is cool to the touch after sawing, you will be able to pick it up and start using it much more quickly.

The saws come in a variety of lengths, capacities, and brands. Check out this collection of cold saws from reputable well-known brands like Felder, Kalamazoo, and Scotchman.

2. A 3D Printer

3D printers are not only being used more widely by the manufacturing industry. They are also being used more and more by hobbyists.

The fact that 3D printers are now more affordable than ever before has certainly helped to increase their popularity.

But people have mainly been using them because they have seen how versatile 3D printers are for creating pretty much anything.

While it is possible to use 3D printers to create bespoke furniture, most DIYers use the machines to create custom parts like door handles, window casements, and highly decorated features.

3D printers come in a variety of styles, so shop around for one that will help you streamline your specific home improvement projects.

3. A CNC Milling Machine

Computer Numerical Control machines are commonly used by manufacturers to create parts and products for a number of different industries.

But if you are doing some major home improvements, or making items for your home, a CNC tool could be very useful.

With CNC equipment, you first design an item with a CAD software program.

Once the machine has the data, it can automatically create your custom part with the utmost accuracy time and time again, thus allowing you to save a lot of manual hours.

In particular, you may find a CNC milling machine to be helpful. The tool’s rotating cylindrical cutter moves along multiple axes.

You can use it to create holes, slots, and fine details on a broad range of materials, such as woods, metals, plastics, ceramics, and composite materials.

Alternatively, you might be interested in working with an ATC CNC router machine, as it allows you to produce both exterior and interior decorations, as well as furniture and moldings. You can find more information on them at

4. An Orbital Sander

Orbital Sander Whatever type of home improvement project you are doing, you are sure to need an electric sander at some point.

Sanding any large items by hand is agonizingly slow. On the other hand, an electric sander can complete the task in a fraction of the time and provide a more professional and superior finish.

Orbital sanders are the best. They make quick work of easing the edges for finished designs without leaving any noticeable scratching on the material.

One of the best things about an orbital sander is the sandpaper discs are attached via Velcro, so it is simple to replace them or switch between different grits.

5. A Nail Gun and Air Compressor

If you are doing home improvement tasks like roofing, framing, and trim work, nothing can beat the helpfulness of a nail gun with an air compressor.

Nailing by hand takes a lot of time and you can often experience inconsistency.

Conversely, with a nail gun and air compressor, you can get the job done in no time with an exceptional finish.

Nail guns are available in several gauges, but each can attach to the same compressor and air hose.

If you are looking to create invisible nail holes, consider using an eighteen-gauge nail gun. For framing, consider a sturdier one.

Also, you can use the air compressor with a blowgun or a paint sprayer, which will also help you to streamline other areas of your home improvement projects.

6. An Oscillating Cutter

Imagine there is a beam of wood inside a wall that you need to trim but it is hard to reach.

You obviously do not want to rip open the whole wall just to get to it. So, instead, you can use an oscillating cutter.

The cutter’s small blade vibrates at a high speed and has small teeth on the bar that enables cuts with the utmost precision.

The oscillating cutter is perfectly designed to fit into those hard-to-reach spaces.

An oscillating cutter can streamline your home improvement projects a lot.

After all, in the above example, if you did not have a cutter, you would need to tear down a wall and then spend time rebuilding it.

An oscillating cutter can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including removing old grout and opening up clean rectangles on drywall.

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