DIY: Glitter Apple Pin

Today’s Pin Week tutorial is the Glitter Apple Pin. (If you missed out on the previous tutorials I covered this week you can check them out here and here.

This tutorial is a somewhat of a combination of the last two I covered earlier this week.  Here is how to make a two toned apple pin using glitter.

How to Make Your Glitter Apple Pin

Stuff you’ll need:

  • Wooden apple shape. (Look in the woodworking section of your craft store.)
  • Pin. (Look in the jewelry making section of your craft store.)
  • Red and green glitter.
  • Painters tape.
  • Glitter adhesive.  (I used Martha Stewart’s Glittering Glue.)
  • Decoupage. (I used Martha Stewart’s Decoupage Glue and Sealer.)
  • Super Glue. (Opps…not shown above.)


  1.  Cover the section you want to glitter in a different color with painter’s tape.  I wanted to make the stem green so I sectioned that part off.


  1.  Coat the exposed wood with the glitter adhesive and sprinkle the red glitter over it.   Be sure to shake off the excess glitter and add more to the bare spots that remain for a consistent coat of sparkle.  Once the adhesive is dry, you can remove the painters tape.  Your apple will now look like this:


  1.  Now coat the stem with the glitter adhesive being careful to stay on the stem only.  Sprinkle green glitter over the adhesive on the stem.  You can easily shake off any stray glitter that falls where you don’t want it to be.
    Pin almost complete
  2.  Once the adhesive is dry, super glue the pin to the back.


And there you have it.  This apple is just too pretty to eat, and you know what they say about an apple a day, so its healthy too!  😉

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