Why Exotic Birds Make Great Pets and How They Can Help the Vibe and Décor of Your Home

If you love pet birds, you undoubtedly know that they make great conventional pets. However, if you’re only just getting into birds, the elaborate bird care regimen might feel more challenging than it actually is.

If you need help with your pet birds, wondering why you should consider birds as a pet, or how birds can affect the vibe of your home, read on.

What Exotic Birds Add to Your Home Environment

Pet Birds Are Gorgeous

You probably already know this, but birds are among the most aesthetically attractive pets you can own. There are various species of birds you can choose from – that go well beyond even the most famous bird paintings you can find.

Additionally, you can also find these birds in an unimaginably wide range of colors, allowing you a variety of options from which to choose your companion.

While we don’t recommend getting a pet just for the “aesthetic,” once you decide on a pet bird, this aspect can be a great visual comfort.

You will need to choose your pet based on factors aesthetically comforting for you, and this can include your favorite color or an interesting pattern you’ve noticed on its coat, etc.

Depending on how you’ve decorated your place, you can even choose a bird that will help the beauty of your home stand out.

They’re Very Smart

You may have heard of the word “birdbrain” being used to refer to someone who is a bit dumb or scatter-brained. However, the truth is that they’re extremely smart.

Just like you need logic puzzles to keep dogs and cats entertained, you can buy toys for a bird to play with.

You can also teach them a bunch of tricks, and – depending on the species of bird you keep – you may even be able to teach them a few words of your language!

If you’ve got a ton of time on your hands and need a pet to spend it with, birds are the perfect option.

Birds Live Long Lives

If you’ve owned a dog, cat, or fish before, you know that one of the biggest challenges of pet ownership is the knowledge that someday, your journey together will end.

After all, your pet probably does have a shorter lifespan than you do, and you should approach the matter knowing and accepting that someday you’ll get heartbroken when they leave you.

Not so much with a pet bird though. Depending on the type of bird you get, your pet can live for a remarkably long period.

Parrotlets and cockatiels can live for as long as 20 years, which is longer than most other types of pets (including dogs and cats).

If you opt to get a parrot or a macaw, things get even better – they can live for up to 100 years and will likely outlive you.

As long as you take good care of your pet bird, you can enjoy their companionship for years to come.

Of course, if their lifespan is a concern, make sure to research your chosen bird species thoroughly before you make a final decision.

You can then be confident that you can accommodate them properly and that they’ll live with you for a long time.

Additionally, make sure you buy your pet from a reputable source, so you don’t have to worry about their lives being cut short due to an avoidable disease or illness.

How Can Birds Help the Vibe and Décor Of Your Home?

How Can Birds Help the Vibe and Décor Of Your Home

Exotic Birds Can Add to Your Aesthetic

As mentioned above, pet birds are available in a variety of colors and species, giving you the space to choose one that matches your home and your personal style preferences. However, that’s not where things end.

A number of types of bird equipment, like birdcages, also add to the aesthetic of any given room.

This goes further than just the cages – as the experts at this link point out, you can also choose from a number of bird perches with different functions!

With the numerous options for customization available to you, you can create a pet bird’s paradise that also fits your home perfectly.

More than that, most experts recommend that pet birds get as much time outside their cage as possible.

This usually means letting them out in a closed room (or closed home) – you, unfortunately, can’t let them fly in an open space for obvious reasons.

Think of how beautiful it will be to see a bird flying around your home or perching in the living room while you entertain guests – and if you’ve got a songbird, the melody they produce will only make your environment all the more lovely!

If you’re stuck deciding between several different types of pets, including pet birds, make sure to keep in mind that a bird will add beauty to your home in a way that few other pets can.

They Go Along with Feng Shui

If you’re an appreciator of feng shui, you may be concerned about how a pet can affect the balance and harmony of your home. Well, you’re in luck.

In the philosophy of feng shui, birds are considered to be messengers of heaven. They’re thought to add a yang presence to your home and life, so you don’t have to worry about your pet messing with the harmony of your house.

Ideally, you should get a pet bird that matches the color of your birth season. These are:

  • Green for the spring (February, March, and April)
  • Red for the summer (May and June)
  • Yellow for late summer (July and August)
  • White for autumn (September and October)
  • Black for the winter (November, December, and January)

However, if you choose a pet that doesn’t match this color pattern, there are still methods you can have in mind to balance your home in other ways.

If you’re in love with birds, you can be confident that they go along well with the feng shui philosophy.

While it may not seem like it at first glance, pet birds have a lot to offer. They’re beautiful, affectionate creatures who will be part of your life for years to come if you care for them respectfully and with awareness.

Additionally, they will also help make your home more aesthetically pleasing and the environment around you more balanced and full of harmony.

If you’re wondering which pet you should get, a pet bird should definitely be on the top of your list.

That being said, make sure to research the various species of pet birds available to you well so that you can make a fully informed decision.

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