How to Be Sure Your Windows Are Hurricane Proof?

There’s always the option of just waiting around for the next bad storm or hurricane to come through to test out your windows with the real deal, but for a lot of us, that is a pretty risky option to take.

If you fall into the class of people that don’t want to risk your entire home just to see if your windows really work, fair enough.

Let’s go into some of the ways that you can be sure that your windows are going to be able to stand up to even the most severe weather.

First off, who needs these super weatherproof windows after all?

Well, actually a lot of people! These windows are meant for and everyone. Bad weather happens all over the place, from the coast to far inland.

From tornado alley to the constant summer thunderstorms in the south to the feared hurricane season, there’s plenty of reasons to want to play it safe and go with a decently strong weatherproof window just in case.

“Hurricane Proof” is just a broad general term that encompasses all things from wind resistance to waterproof. If you’re looking for general weather resistance it’s a fantastic level to shoot for.

Are hurricane widows the same as impact windows?

weather proof windows

Protecting your home from bad weather is no simple task, you’ve got a ton of different parts and weak points to take into consideration.

One thing that you absolutely can’t skimp out on is your windows. There’s a lot of terms thrown around out there for wind and weather-resistant windows today but they all generally mean the same thing.

Just make sure you are checking out specific impact scores and such to verify and claims made! So yes they are the same!

Read your labels

If you have freshly installed windows then they should either still have the stickers with all of the important information on them or you should have that stuff nearby to look at!

Just look for anything related to impact resistance, wind resistance, hurricane-proof, things of that nature.

Your widows should all also come with manuals of some sort filled with all the basic info you need to know and this should, if applicable, certainly be included somewhere in there.

Now if you’re trying to figure out if your EXISTING windows are hurricane or windproof that could prove to be a bit more difficult.

Not impossible though, let’s go over some of the best things you can do!

Look for Markers / Indicators

A true hurricane-proof window will be made by a reputable manufacturer hopefully, and in that case, you should be able to find some kind of various markings around signifying what kind of glass all of your window panes are made up of.

If you can’t find any markings like this you should be able to search the model or product number online to give you a pretty close estimate as to what exactly you are working with.

If all else fails you can just call up your local window experts, maybe see if they can swing by briefly and give you their best guess!

Now just because your windows don’t have any markings on them doesn’t mean for a fact that they are not wind and weatherproof.

When a window has to be custom cut things like this marking will be the first thing that has to go just due to size constraints.

Check the Window Itself to see how Strong it Looks

Any decent hurricane or windproof window is going to be made with at least two panes of decently thick glass.

You should, to some degree, be able to see your own reflection in a thick window.

Just be aware if you see only one singular pane of glass or two very thin ones for example, don’t expect that window to stop much more than a breeze.

It’s important to have multiple layers of protection available for the sheer reason that if one breaks you don’t want that to be your only layer of defense!

The real secret to success is how these windows are made shatter-resistant, it’s not all too different from the process of making bulletproof glass.

To ensure the glass doesn’t shatter or break apart the panes are backup up or supported with some type of membrane to hold any and all broken glass together even if a lot of force is applied.

The multiple window panes are critical for containing things when/if they do break and just giving the overall window its strength.

Quality Window Installation Matters

installing windows

With very expensive weatherproof windows or any other type, such as the ones that can be found at Optilightwindows, making sure you have the installation done properly by only trained professionals is of the utmost importance.

If anything at all is done wrong it could negate the entire purpose of you paying more for weather-proof windows.

They need to be fitted and sealed to your home absolutely perfectly to ensure minimal damage from any kind of storms or anything.

Air pressure is extremely important when it comes to storms and keeping your home safe in bad weather – you want the air pressure in your home to remain consistent at all times during a storm.

If any of your windows have even the smallest of gaps and cracks in their fixtures you’re going to find yourself leaking out air, lowering the air pressure, and putting your home at risk.

If you’re already going to all the trouble of paying more money for high-quality storm windows you need to spend the extra little bit of money to ensure they are installed correctly the first time.

Make sure you shop around for installers in your area to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Never limit yourself to the first option you find to find a reputable company that will be on your side.

Also, do your own research and get a rough idea of what windows you may be interested in beforehand so you can lead your window installers down the right route from the beginning!

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