Sewn: A Simple Peplum Top

If you are looking to add a little pep to your wardrobe, a peplum top will do the trick! I felt inspired by this simple tutorial over at Cotton & Curls and knew that I wanted to give it a go. I made a few minor tweaks to get the fit just right and in no time I had this beautiful top.

Wanna add some pep to your style with a simple peplum top?


Check out the full tutorial over at Cotton and Curls. You basically cut out and sew rectangles together. It’s as simple as that.

Here are a few modifications I made for myself:

  1. I used a beautiful crisp cotton eyelet, which gave the top a more structured look. Playing around with fabrics is so fun! You can get a completely different looks for the same pattern just by switching up the fabric.
  2. In Liz’s tutorial, she made her ruffle asymmetrical, but I wanted to keep things simple and made my ruffle the same length all the way around. (Although, the way the top hangs on my body, it does look a smidge longer in the back.)
  3. When I put the top on for the first time the fit wasn’t exactly right. Instead, I had two sharp corners poking off my shoulders, and it literally looked like I was wearing a rectangle. Try as I might, the crisp cotton fabric I used didn’t drape nicely down on my shoulders. (It’s too bad I didn’t think to snap a pic, because it looked so funny! lol!) Luckily, this was an easy fix. All I did was rip out the shoulder seams and then trim the shoulders down at an angle. And, tada, now my top sits nicely on my shoulders like a good top should. 😉

Here’s a pic to show you how I angled the shoulder seam a little:

I really, really like this top. I’m already dreaming up my next one. I’d like to try to make one that is a bit more fitted by adding a waistline and some darts. With a more trim fit, I’ll probably have to add a zipper or button closure in the back, which could be a fun challenge. The next time I make the top I’ll also be sure to use pretty french seams to keep the inside of the garment looking neat and tidy like I did with the skirt I made recently.

I’m pretty smitten with my top, and best of all…

Project Details:

Pattern: Based on Cotton & Curls Square Loose Ruffle Top Tutorial

Fabric: Alix Eyelet White

Difficulty: Beginner

If your wardrobe could use a change, add a little pep(lum) to it!

So, do you guys like the peplum trend? I think it is such a sweet and romantic style.

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