Easy Ways to Create Japandi Style in Your Home

Japandi is predicted to be one of Pinterest’s hottest design trends for 2021, and homeowners and interior designers are about to fall for this décor trend that involves neutral color schemes, sleek lines, and serene room setups.

This hybrid trend marries the modern and rustic vibe of Scandinavian design with the traditional elegance of Japanese style.

At first glance, these two design schemes may seem different, but upon closer inspection, one can see that both are perfect examples of minimalism.

When done properly, Japandi design can give a home a warm, clean and inviting feel, so if you’re redecorating this year, here are some easy ways to create Japandi style in your home.

Incorporate both dark and light colors in your decor

According to Texas-based interior designer Jennifer Fisher, good design should reflect your personal style, and any design scheme that you choose should work for your lifestyle.

For minimalists who are craving a more interesting design aesthetic, Japandi is the way to go, as it showcases the contrast between Japanese wabi-sabi, which is finding beauty in imperfection, with the Scandinavian hygge, which is the Nordic term for warmth and coziness.

One of the simplest ways to transform your space and make it more Japandi is to create an accent wall by painting one wall of your living room or bedroom in a dark neutral shade, such as charcoal, plum, midnight blue, or forest green.

After that, add furniture in a light-colored wood; then decorate with pillows, throws and accessories in the same shade as your accent wall.

Add a touch of nature

Wood is an essential element in Japandi décor, so having wooden tables, chairs and bookcases in a light hue with simple shapes is a must.

Apart from wood, other natural elements that can complete your Scandi-Japanese design scheme include rattan, bamboo and linen.

Consider having rattan ottomans in the living room, paper lanterns in the dining room, and bamboo baskets in different parts of your home.

Don’t forget to have a few potted plants to breathe some life into your space.

Choose low furniture

Low furniture makes your space appear larger, and it gives your home a calm feel, which is why it works so well for a Japandi design scheme.

You can pick a low, contemporary style Japanese bed for your bedroom, and choose a couch with short legs for your living room.

You can also make your floor more comfortable by putting a neutral colored rug on it so you can sit on the floor.

If you want to extend Japandi style into your dining area, pick a chabudai, which is a short-legged table found in most Japanese homes.

Instead of chairs, you can use oversized floor cushions, or lay a tatami mat on the floor for your seating.

Japandi combines the best of Japanese and Scandinavian style to make your home feel cozy and inviting. Try these tips to incorporate Japandi style into your décor, and see how it enhances the feel of your home.

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