Increasing Property Value Through a Backyard Pond

If you have a pond in your backyard, you probably know the basics of how to keep it healthy.

A little manual labor, adding an aeration system or pond fountain, and maybe some organic muck reducer, and boom your pond should whip into shape quickly.

These are great steps to keeping your pond healthy, but what you might not know, is by how much a healthy pond can increase property value.

According to FarmProgress, a properly maintained pond can increase property value 5 to 15 percent. There’s huge potential in that.

Depending on the size and style of pond that you have, there are popular options to invest in that will transform the look of your pond and allow you to get the most out of your property, says SCUDO Management.

We’ll address a couple great options including, purchasing a pond kit, installing pond lights or adding a pond fountain to an existing pond.

The Value of a Pond Kit

If you have a backyard area that seems boring and overlooked, installing a pond kit will do wonders. You’ll need an area as little as 8 by 11 feet, that you’ll transform with a pond kit.

I want to be clear with this option, it is not quick. But keep in mind, the proceeding enhancements are all predicated on having a pond, and this is the fasted way to get one!

A pond kit has all the components necessary to install a healthy and vibrant surface pond. You can choose ponds as small as 8 by 11 feet, or size up to an area as large as 21 by 26 feet.

Birds and other animals will be attracted to your pond, and you’ll enjoy much more interaction with wildlife after installing one of these kits.

Rocks, plants and water come together to create a blissful backyard aquascape and provide you with healthy and living water feature.

Taking a look at before and after pictures of properties that have invested in a pond kit is insane! Sometimes you can’t even recognize the same backyard.

Some pond kits include lighting, which as we will go over in the next section is another awesome way to enhance the look and aesthetic of your backyard pond.

Installing Gorgeous Pond Lighting

After creating your perfect water garden or surface pond in your backyard, the next step is to add lighting!

Pond plants and stones illuminated by white or color changing lights allows you the opportunity to enjoy your new backyard feature well into the evening.

Here’s some quick tips for how to choose high quality pond lighting. First, we all know that water and electricity is not a healthy mix.

In order to avoid any possible mishaps, make sure the lights you’re looking into have waterproof seals so there’s no chance that the lights get ruined.

As mentioned above, there are different color options to choose from while deciding on pond lights.

White, soft glow, and camouflage lights to name a few. Evaluating where each option is ideally placed and how they will look is crucial before making a purchase.

Adding a Pond Fountain

pond fountain

This option is for property owners that are lucky to have a small pond in their backyard already, and don’t require a kit to create it!

A pond fountain comes with a float, pump, and nozzles. It sits in the middle of your pond, and sprays water up into the air.

You can typically change the spray pattern very easily, which will change the look of the fountain.

These units not only look enchanting, but create soothing and tranquil water splashing on the surface of the pond.

Adding one of these to your pond is an easy and quick way to transform your stagnant water pond into a backyard highlight! Check out these guys for some killer fountains, in various sizes.

Here’s some quick tips for adding a fountain to your backyard pond or lake. First, measure the dimensions of your pond.

Knowing how deep and wide it is will help immensely in choosing the proper size of the unit.

Next, recognize how useful a fountain can be. The key to a healthy pond is proper oxygen levels.

Many times stagnant water will end up building a large amount of bacteria that leads to algae blooms and green water.

Fountains help to combat this by adding oxygen, and circulating the water. Knowing the different types of fountains, and how well they aerate your pond is crucial to getting the best system for your pond!

Summing It All Up

We’ve gone over a couple important options for increasing the value of your backyard through pond enhancements.

The first option detailed how to create a pond if you didn’t already have one! Followed by a couple other options that would increase the value of the pond once you have it.

At the root of this article is the idea that by investing in your backyard, you can create an amazing environment to enjoy personally or with guests.

At the same time, this investment will dramatically increase the value and desirability of your outdoor living space.

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