8 Do’s and Don’ts of an Interstate Move

A local move is very different from an interstate move.

Aside from the cost, moving to a different state requires more planning as it may take a few days to complete.

Therefore, you should prioritize careful planning and organizing.

Fortunately, you can hire professional interstate movers like these to help ensure you have a hassle-free move.

To find out more specific information, visit https://www.thebigboymovers.com/locations/western-states/ and consider these do’s and don’ts of an interstate move to ensure your move is a successful one:

1. Do: Pack Carefully

An interstate move can be challenging if you don’t pack everything in time.

Since you’re moving long-distance, you’ll need to spend more time packing your things.

However, packing may not be as easy as it seems if you don’t have the right amount of packing supplies.

If you start gathering your packing materials a few months ahead of your interstate move, you’ll have enough of them for packing.

But finding packing supplies may take time if you don’t know where to find them.

There are various places where you can get moving supplies.

For example, you can look for big stores in your local area and ask if they sell used boxes.

Oftentimes, they sell such at inexpensive prices or give them for free.

Other than preparing enough packing supplies, you should also focus on packing your items carefully.

Remember that your items will be in transit for a longer time, which can increase the chance of breakage.

So, take time to pack carefully to avoid any chance of damage.

If you’re too busy to pack your things, you can rely on moving professionals who provide packing supplies and services.

This will give you peace of mind and save more time, enabling you to speed up the moving process.

2. Do: Plan Properly

It’s wise to plan ahead before moving to organize everything properly.

Determine how much money you can afford to spend while moving out of state.

Whether or not you’re planning to hire movers, have a list of family members or friends who could help you with an interstate move.

If you’re driving some of your things yourself, how much time do you need? Will you require a moving insurance policy?

The key is to plan for everything so that you’ll enjoy a hassle-free move over time.

3. Do: Check the State Border Requirements

Several states have strict border requirements.

If you don’t want to experience inconvenience along the road, make sure to check your new state’s border requirements.

This way, you’ll know which things are prohibited and what things are allowed.

If you’re working with a long standing van company, you don’t have to worry about this as they will take care to understand and follow all guidelines.

It’s because professional movers know the laws and regulations involved in an interstate move.

4. Do: Declutter

Decluttering for saving moving cost

Since an interstate move is costlier than a local move, it only makes sense to do decluttering before you start packing.

Take note that one of the factors that’d define the overall costs of your move is the number of things you’re transporting.

So, if you have things that you don’t want to use in your new place, make sure to get rid of them through the following:

  • Have A Garage Sale. It’s one of the ways to deal with the items you want to dispose of.
  • Not only would you be able to get rid of them, but you’ll also get some money that you can use for something else.

Give Them To Your Friends. If you have friends who can benefit from some of your items, never hesitate to give those things to them.

For example, if you still have clothes in good condition, you can ask your friends to take them.

5. Don’t: Forget To Set Aside Your Essential Belongings

Since your belongings might be traveling on a truck for a few days or so, you should take care of setting aside essential items you might need during this time.

It doesn’t mean hygiene or medication products or clothes.

Make sure to keep important documents and treasured toys so they can be packed into the suitcases that are traveling with you.

6. Don’t: Leave Accommodation To Chance

If you think your things will take time to arrive and you need to move as soon as possible due to your new working schedule, you need to think of your accommodation.

It’s a good idea to arrange a short-term rental in a place you’re thinking of living in for the meantime.

By having a place to live for your first few days while waiting for your belongings, you can focus on getting ready for your new chapter in life.

This will also give you more time to prepare your new place before you unpack your things.

7. Don’t: Do It Yourself

An interstate move isn’t an easy task.

Therefore, never do it yourself unless you want to experience inconvenience and deal with broken items due to improper packing and handling of things.

More often than not, you need to hire movers to assist you throughout the process. However, it’s essential to note that not all movers are the same.

Once you decide to hire interstate expert movers, make sure to work with highly experienced and qualified movers.

With the right movers for the job, you can be assured that all your belongings will arrive at your new place damage-free.

Plus, they have the tools, equipment, and fleet of vehicles needed for a successful interstate move.

8. Don’t: Forget to Budget Everything

Moving locally isn’t as pricey as moving out of state. With that in mind, do budget everything to save money wherever you can.

Whether you’re scheduling your move on a day or you’re using recycled packing materials, sticking to a budget can be a big help during an interstate move.

To monitor your budget and expenses, make a spreadsheet of all your moving-related expenses, so you’ll be ready to make payments whenever necessary.

Bottom Line

Moving interstate often takes more planning and time than moving locally.

Make sure to be fully prepared for this relocation by keeping in mind the above do’s and don’ts.

The more prepared you are, the easier your move will be. Just be sure to work with experts specializing in an interstate move to get the best results.

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