How Much Space Do You Need for Chairs around a Table?

A kitchen is a special place in every home. However, it is not only a cooking area but also a place where the whole family gathers.

Comfort is a priority for every homeowner. To properly place all the necessary furniture in the available space, you need to follow the rules of ergonomics.

Top tips

Several basic rules must be followed when placing furniture. They are relevant for the location of any furniture in the house, even a modern herringbone dining table – see more.

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1.  Do not interfere with traffic

The laws of ergonomics take into account not only the physical dimensions of the furniture but the permissible distances between the objects, proximity-distance from the walls and the routes of movement around the room.

The person is always subconsciously looking for the shortest way to the goal. Objects that appear in his path, sooner or later, will begin to interfere.

2.  Walkways and bypasses

At the time of design, it is important to calculate the distances and dimensions of the furniture in such a way that both the kitchen and the living room have comfortable passages.

Nothing should prevent movement in the rooms. The required space for the dining group is calculated by the following formula: the sum of the area of the tabletop and the depth of the chair at the base of the legs should be multiplied by the number of sides of the table on which the chairs will be located. It’s better to put 30 cm on each side.

The distance between the dining and work area should be at least 1.2 m, otherwise, the space will be tight and uncomfortable for the hostess.

If the distance is more than 2 m, then during the preparation there will be many superfluous movements due to the large space.

Dining room planning

When planning the dining room, it is important to consider several nuances to create a comfortable space. It is worth considering every detail — the number of chairs, the optimal size of the dining table, the distance between them, and much more.

1.  Number of chairs

Number of chairs

How many chairs should be in the kitchen, largely depends on the size of the room and the number of people in the family. If the room is spacious enough and there is a separate area for dinner, you can choose a large table.

In this case, the number of chairs will depend on their size. It is important to consider how much space between chairs at a dining table. A comfortable area for one person at the table is 50-70 cm.

This space provides the necessary space for comfortable accommodation at the table without interference from the neighbors. In this case, you can take a more comfortable pose, elbows can be left aside, despite etiquette.

The symmetrical arrangement of the chairs around the table will look more natural. An alternative can be the purchase of a basic and additional set of furniture.

This solution will be appropriate if the table is sliding. The option is suitable for families that often receive guests.

If the room is small, then, considering the question of how many chairs to buy in the kitchen, buy furniture according to the number of family members.

This guarantees, on the one hand, a compact location in terms of space scarcity, and on the other — the necessary functionality.

2. Furniture arrangement

How many chairs you need to buy in the kitchen, depends on the features of the layout. The stand-alone table allows you to place more seats.

Furniture connected to the window sill or wall is more compact but also accommodates fewer people. Also, you should think about how much space around a dining table.

From the edge of the table to the wall and fixed furniture — less than 60-70 cm. This will allow you to move the chair and stand up comfortably.

The area of movement of the chair from the table should be planned from 46 to 61 cm. For example, if you plan to have a 1 m by 1 m table, you plan a 192 cm dining table area.

If a traffic zone is planned around the table or any of its sides, add another 76 cm.  If the seat is supposed to pass to the next chair, increase the distance to 80-90 cm.

And if the table is supposed to pass through, then the edge should be 100-110 cm. If the room suffers from a shortage of square meters, you should pay attention to the kitchen corner or compact sofa.


The dining area is planned from the maximum number of people who will sit at the table and move in the space around the table.

The size of the dining table includes the location of the dining area, the comfortable location of the person sitting at the table.

The two main things to decide are how much space for chairs around the table and how much space between dining chairs.

Fairly simple recommendations will help you feel comfortable. Remember, you can make your own inspiration area in your home.

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