Proven Ways to Create More Space in Your Home

You may not believe it, but you can actually make your home feel more spacious without even moving!

There are many different ways to do this, but some of the most effective include decluttering, using light colors and accents, opting for open floor plans, etc.

All of these tricks will create the illusion of more space and make your home feel more comfortable and inviting.

You can also use self-storage to store items that you don’t want on display for a short period of time–this is especially useful when you make renovations.


The first step to making your home feel more spacious is decluttering it.

If there are clutter, toys, and other random objects lying around everywhere, it’s going to feel like there’s no room to move around.

You may even find yourself tripping over toys or knocking things over because you’re trying too hard not to bump into anything.

If you have clutter problems, take some time at the end of every day before bed and put away any random items that might be strewn about the house: toys, newspapers that need folding (and other things that could be folded), and anything else you find lying around.

Light Colors and Accents

One of the other ways to make your home seem more spacious is by using light colors as accents.

Dark colors, such as red or black, can make a room feel smaller instead of larger, while lighter colors like white will give the opposite effect.

If you’re looking for something that’s going to create an even bigger optical illusion, use these light colors as paint on your accent wall and it’ll look like there’s another entire room!

Doing this might attract attention away from other walls in your house, so remember: moderation is key!

You won’t want everything matching perfectly because then it’ll just look too deliberate–you also don’t want to go overboard with the color.

The other way you can use light colors to make your home feel bigger is by painting the actual space white.

This will let in a ton of natural light, which can trick people into thinking your house is actually larger than it is!

The more sunlight that comes in, the larger and airier the room appears–this also goes for using lights at night because they provide similar effects.

It’s especially effective if you know how to correctly use shadows!

Not only do these tricks make a small area seem like there’s more to explore, but they make rooms seem much brighter and happier!

Pay attention to any areas that aren’t receiving enough natural or artificial light–you might want to add an additional lamp or some string lights like these.

Open Floor Plans

Open Floor Plans for your house

Another way to make your home seem larger is by opting for an open floor plan.

With this type of design, there are no walls separating the space into different “rooms” because they’re all connected.

This makes it feel like one big room and you can freely walk around without hitting any barriers or feeling boxed in–a similar trick that’s often used with smaller houses is to prolong hallway spaces so that they stretch across two rooms instead of just fully opening up one side.

This further tricks people into thinking the area they’re looking at is bigger than it actually is!

It also works well if you place furniture in the middle of the areas so that everything flows together instead of being sectioned off where there’s a couch or chair that closes off the space.

Open floor plans provide all of these benefits and many more–they’re also much easier to clean because you don’t have walls in the way, so there’s nothing stopping crumbs, dust, dirt, etc. from falling onto the floors instead of getting trapped between cracks!

If you want an open floor plan but aren’t sure where to start, try using cardboard cutouts to help make measurements for future renovations.

Storing Things You’re Not Using

If you’re having trouble with clutter or just want to make your home feel bigger, consider using self-storage services.

A lot of people use self-storage to get rid of outgrown items, but you shouldn’t do this! Instead, opt for using them as a place where you can temporarily store your things without taking up any space in your house.

That way, they won’t be getting in the way or ruining your efforts to make your home seem larger.

You can go over to self storage company and see which options suit you and your family best.

This is also useful if you’re redecorating a room and don’t want to be surrounded by huge furniture that you’re taking out of storage.

It might seem like a hassle, but if you get self-storage services from an affordable place, it’ll be worth your while!

In addition to using self-storage as another way of making your home feel bigger, it’s also a great way to declutter and de-stress.

If you’re someone who has lots of clutter around your house, you might be feeling like it’s always getting in the way–it can be hard to do anything with such a widespread mess.


Yet another trick is to use lighting correctly in your home.

Make sure that every room gets bright white light during the day; it’ll make darker rooms (which are usually smaller) look like they expand into bigger areas when there is sunlight shining in.

Then, at night, use subtle lights like lamps or string lights to help make the rooms appear balanced and inviting.

This isn’t just for aesthetics–lighting has many practical purposes as well.

For example, you might not know this but the color temperature of your bulbs makes a difference with how people feel when they look at them!

At night, warmer colors (orange or yellow) can completely change how comfortable people feel in an area because they tend to induce feelings of relaxation instead of alertness which is often helpful if you’re using lighting in places like yoga studios or meditation areas.

The tips we’ve provided should help you make your home feel more spacious and welcoming.

Whether it be through decluttering, using open floor plans, or storing items in self storage services, these strategies will improve the way people perceive your space without a lot of hassle on your part!

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