DIY: Flower Hairpiece

This week, I’m showing you different ways to style the floral pin from the DIY: Flower Pin Tutorial. So far, I’ve already covered how to make a Floral Hair Clip and Floral Headband.Today, I’ll show you how to create this girly and romantic hairstyle using the flower as a floral hairpiece. Unlike yesterday’s tutorial where we added a hair clip to the back of the pin, today’s tutorial shows you how to save time and skip that step while still allowing you to be able to style the floral pin in your hair.


1.  Pull your hair up into a high bun.

2.  If you made the floral hair clip from yesterday’s tutorial, all you have to do is clip it in place where you’d like it to sit on the bun.
—- Or —-
If you’d like to cheat (it’s ok, that’s allowed)… make sure the pin on the back of the flower is firmly closed so that it doesn’t poke you when you put it in your hair.  Secure the flower to the bun by inserting a few hairpins through the pin on the back of the flower.  Simple as that.

You could easily use the ‘cheat’ method to secure any type of pin (i.e. brooch pins, etc. etc.) to your hairstyle.  The possibilities are endless. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next floral pin styling tutorial.  See you then!

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