6 Ways to Make a Home Look More Expensive for Less

Anyone can make their home look more expensive with a few simple tricks. You don’t have to break the bank to give your home some extra polish.

This blog post will discuss seven easy ways to make your home look more expensive without spending a lot of money.

1. Add Tiles to Your Kitchen

Consider adding tiles to your kitchen if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your home look more expensive.

You can use tiles to create a backsplash, accent wall, or flooring. Check out some home improvement stores or look online for inspiration if you’re unsure where to start.

Tiles are a great way to add color, pattern, and texture to your kitchen. You can also use them to create a focal point in the room.

If you’re not sure what kind of tile to choose, ask a salesperson for help. You can also look online or in magazines for ideas.

Don’t forget to grout your tiles. Grouting is essential in ensuring that your tiles last for years to come.

You can find grout at any home improvement store. Once you’ve chosen your tile and grout, you’re ready to install them.

2. Take a Home Insurance Cover

Home Insurance Cover

Home insurance ensures you are protected in any unforeseen events such as fire outbreaks, theft, or natural disasters.

It is an integral part of being a homeowner and can give you peace of mind knowing that your home and belongings are protected.

There are many different types of home insurance policies available, so it is essential to shop around and find one that meets your needs.

For example, if you live in an area prone to hurricanes, you want a policy covering wind damage.

If you live in an earthquake-prone area, you will want a policy covering earthquake damage.

Many insurance companies offer discounts for homeowners who install specific security gadgets, such as burglar alarms or security cameras.

If you are looking for ways to save money on your home insurance, be sure to ask about any discounts that may be available.

3. Update Your Entryway

Most people don’t realize how important first impressions are. Your entryway is the first thing guests see when they come to your home, so you want to make sure it looks its best.

A few simple updates can make a big difference.

Paint your front door: This is an easy and inexpensive way to impact significantly. Choose a color that compliments your home’s exterior for a luxurious look.

Invest in a good doormat: It will help keep your home clean, but it will also give guests a place to wipe their feet before coming inside.

Be sure to choose a durable and stylish mat.

Add some greenery: Plants are a great way to add life to your entryway. Choose something that is low-maintenance and can withstand both hot and cold temperatures.

These are just a few ways to make your entryway more inviting.

By taking the time to make some simple updates, you can create a space that is both stylish and functional. Your guests will be impressed the next time they come to visit.

4. Display Plants and Flowers

One way to make your home look more expensive is to display plants and flowers throughout the space.

This adds a touch of luxury and ensures you are protected from pests.

To arrange your newly acquired natural plants, use different heights and textures to create interest. Place them in both sunny and shaded areas to add dimension.

Use greenery as filler in between other décor items and as stand-alone pieces.

Some of the best places to keep plants are:

  • In the entryway: Spruce up your entryway with a potted plant or two. This will make a great first impression on guests.
  • In the living room: Create a natural and inviting feel in your living room by adding some greenery.
  • In the bathroom: Add a plant to your bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere.
  • In the kitchen: Place a plant near your kitchen sink to help purify the air.
  • On shelves: Add some life to your shelves by displaying plants of different sizes.

5. Get Decent Affordable Curtains

Affordable house curtains

Curtains are one of those things that can make or break a room. If you have cheap, flimsy curtains, it can make your entire home look cheap and flimsy.

However, if you have lovely, expensive-looking curtains, it can make your home look a lot more expensive than it is.

So, how can you get decent, affordable curtains that will make your home look more expensive? Here are some tips: First, don’t skimp on quality.

Cheap curtains will look just that—cheap. Spend a little more to get a higher-quality curtain that looks nicer and lasts longer.

Second, choose a neutral color. Curtains in a bright or bold color may be fun, but they’re not going to do much to make your home look more expensive.

Stick with neutral colors like white, cream, or beige.

6. Upgrade Your Hardware

If you want to make your home look more expensive, start with the hardware. This includes door handles, faucets, cabinet pulls, and light fixtures.

High-quality hardware ensures that your home looks stylish and expensive, and if you have the right vouchers or Lowes promo codes to hand, can be affordable too!

Some of the home hardware you could upgrade:

  • Door handles: Consider replacing your door handles with new, stylish ones, especially if they are mismatched or old.
  • Faucets: Upgrading to a higher quality faucet, such as brass or copper, can make a big difference in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Cabinet pulls: Replacing old, worn cabinet pulls with new ones can give your cabinets a fresh, expensive look.
  • Light fixtures: Upgrading to higher-quality light fixtures can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home.

Choose hardware that compliments the style of your home to make it look even more luxurious.

For example, if your home has a more traditional style, choose hardware with a more classic look.


There you have it, our top tips to make your home look more expensive for less.

While making your home look luxurious on a budget is possible, it is essential to be strategic about your choices.

Not every home improvement project will add value to your property, so be sure to do your research before making any changes.

Finally, remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and happy in your home, no matter your budget.

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